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Hello all. A couple notes:

1. Work for ANIMAL KINGDOM #2 is under way. This is going to be a special one.

2. I’ve been doing some work for the Indianapolis-based record label Joyful Noise recordings, producing material for their blog. So far, only a few sentences and scribbles about heavy metal, but more coming shortly. Check it out.

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I contributed some artwork to AIRPLANE RADIO’s terrific hermetic mind-bending illuminated hip-hop project HELLO LEVIATHAN. Very interesting stuff. I’ve been banging it on the reg, “Huldigung” in particular. It pays to listen to this on headphones. Get into it!

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Thanks for visiting the ANIMAL KINGDOM PUBLISHING website.

This is, of course, the home of the eponymous comics anthology. It is also, for the time being, the web base for editor/contributor Jacob Mazer, and will host updates regarding his other creative endeavors, should he ever make anything of himself.

Here’s some useful information:

- There are still copies of the inaugural “ANIMAL KINGDOM” anthology. There are also a limited number of screenprints remaining. You can order those here. Check out the store, linked in the sidebar.  

- We had a release party. It was terrific. The party featured some stellar performances by HAND GRENADE JOB (featuring “ANIMAL KINGDOM” contributor BECK LEVY) and FELT PRETTY and readings by JACOB MAZER, SAM ALLINGHAM, and THOMAS TRUDGEON. The party doubled as an exhibition of the amazing artwork of NORA CHASE. All of these cats are jolly good, righteous soldiers in the ANIMAL KINGDOM ARMY. You can find your way to more of their work by checking out the ANIMAL ARMY page, also linked in the sidebar.

- “ANIMAL KINGDOM” #2 is in the future. Details as they develop.

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